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Purpose & Activities

Objectives of Activities

ACEJ’s overarching objective is to help preserve the global environment, contribute to the international community, and enhance the lives of people in Japan by promoting the use of cogeneration systems and other advanced energy technologies. This it aims to achieve through activities including the development of technologies to improve the efficiency of energy-utilizing equipment and systems that contribute to reducing environmental impact, and surveys and research to promote the wider use of these technologies. It also aims to support the introduction of natural gas by local city gas suppliers.

Business Activities

1. In order to accomplish the purpose specified in the preceding article, the Center conducts the following activities:

(1) Surveys and studies related to advanced energy utilization, including the promotion of cogeneration systems and the utilization of renewable energies

(2) Technical developments related to advanced energy utilization

(3) The gathering and distribution of information regarding advanced energy utilization

(4) The dissemination of knowledge and education on advanced energy utilization

(5) The development of skills and knowledge in the field of advanced energy utilization through human resources training

(6) International cooperation through the sharing of skills and knowledge in advanced energy utilization with the international community

(7) Advising both domestic and overseas organizations on advanced energy utilization

(8) Support for the introduction of natural gas by local city gas operators

(9) Over and above the aforementioned activities, the Center conducts all activities deemed necessary for the realization of its business purpose.

2. (1) of the above will be conducted both domestically and abroad.